DesignerGary Cameron
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Vertrieb/HerstellerEin Bookmark 90

The prototype of the TS3 was first built in March 1999 but was only sailed a couple of times in 1999 as I was using the TS2 for the Malta worlds. The TS3 was basically put on hold for a few years as I only sailed around 12 times between the Malta and Croatian worlds and that did not allow me the time to tune up a new design. In fact, the TS3 only came out of the cupboard seriously while everyone was away at the Canadian worlds and I was at home. I have spent some time since June 2003 and May 2004 trying different keel locations, keels, bulbs and rigs developing the TS3 and I have finally settled on a combination that I am very happy with. This combination is the original TS3 hull, 84mm parallel keel, straight tapered rudder and the 360mm long bulb but with the rig and keel locations sorted out.