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BOATSetc9123 hits

BOATSetc - Passion for Performance

BOATSetc ist der Anbieter für High Performance pre-preg Carbon RC-Segelboote. Wir liefern Rümpfe, Bausätze bis zu segelfertigen Booten der Quark, Diamond, Argon und Sword.

BOATSetc is your source for high performance pre-preg carbon RC sail boats. We can provide hulls, kits through to ready to sail boats for Quark, Diamond, Argon and Sword.


BG Sails and Design22801 hits

Known formerly as "BG Radio Yachts & Sails", our products have proven themselves to be highly competitive within any competition from club through to world championship level. Our primary focus is sailmaking for all classes of radio controlled yachts with experience drawn from over 25 years of sailing at championship level in full size dinghy, skiff and model classes.


Blackmagick Sails18246 hits

specialists in radio control racing sails


Frank Russell Design21644 hits

I have been involved with model boats virtually all of my life. From sailing boats made from matchboxes with paper sails in neighborhood puddles to building free sailing balsa model boats and yachts to designing, building and racing International class radio yachts many which have won State and National Championships on the way. I have also spent several  years racing larger boats mainly catamarans.


Graham Bantock22722 hits

Welcome to the SAILSetc website. SAILSetc is one of the largest suppliers of equipment for radio control sailing. Our range of goods is principally focussed on the four international classes (One Metre, Marblehead, Ten Rater, A Class) which are administered by the Radio Sailing Division of the International Sailing Federation – ISAF-RSD.


Housemartin Sails20296 hits

Specialists in rigs kits and sails for all classes of boat. Plus all those little bits that you always need. Championship winning equipment at affordable prices.


Mirage Radio Yachts Australien19350 hits

Mirage Radio Yachts is now able to supply IOM designs to order on a reduced time frame. Production capabilities have been increased and we are now able to supply kits from basic components, through to complete packages. Also available are sails to suit any design of radio yacht.



Nylet17672 hits

Welcome to the new Nylet web site. We have been sailmaking since 1946 and offer a complete sailmaking service and more


P.J.Sails19864 hits

We are specialist manufacturers of performance radio controlled racing yachts, sails and fittings. Our hull designs cover the International One Metre class, Marblehead, TenRater, "A" class and 36", with hand made performance sails to suit and a complete range of quality fittings, manufactured in our own workshops.


PG Modelisme Frankreich17899 hits

Ce site est un site de présentation de la production de PGMODELISME, il nous est donc impossible de vous indiquer les tarifs. Pour toutes demandes sur ceux-ci, nous nous ferons un plaisir de vous répondre par mail ou par téléphone au


Radio Sailing Shop (Australia)21428 hits

Suppliers of High Quality Fittings and Parts for Radio Yachts - Specialising in IOM, Marblehead, 10 Rater & Other Classes - Rigs, Keels, Rudders, Sails, Winches


Radio Yacht Supplies Australia18621 hits

Australia's largest supplier of radio controlled yacht fittings - 850 items


RMG Winches15732 hits

High Performance Sail Control for Radio Controlled Yachts


Ultralite Composites (NZL)18084 hits

Specialists of R/C Race Yachts & Fittings