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Zitat Erster Beitrag vom 7.5.2006:
„Wie versprochen habe ich zugesagt mit Bildern den Bau eines 1mtr. Bootes ins Forum zu stellen, das es jetzt ein M-Boot ist, macht ja nichts. Dank "Le concombre masqué" und seiner Klasse Leistung die CRAZY TUBE 2 von STOLLERY ins Forum zu setzen, habe ich mich für dieses Boot entschieden.“

Peter Gernert GER 86

Das Original

Nachzulesen im Internet auf der Australischen Marblehead Seite.

“Peter Stollery with his freshly launched 'Crazy Tube Too' demonstrated the reaching and marginal planing ability of an even narrower, totally circular sectioned hull with a maximum diameter of 118mm, a displacement of 4.8kg and a draught of 617mm”

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'Crazy Tube Too' lines

The 'Crazy Tube Too' lines are included here both for comparison with the earlier ones, to illustrate the progress already made and to encourage shapes that look forward into this new millennium. The inspiration for this boat came from the exceptional performance of the 'BOTTLE' boat, whose round midsections do not lift the hull out of the water, so maintaining its sailing length at large angles of heel. The 'Crazy Tube Too', with just four simple Swing Rigs, is a carbon hull joined a long line of maximum beam that comes out of the mould, virtually complete, as a single unit.
Mast position is vital to handling characteristics and the assumption has always been made that the mast position for the different area Swing Rigs would be the same because theoretically the centres of effort should be in the same location. However, nearly all tuning relates to the best performance from the tall rig which is used for two thirds of sailing occasions and that has meant gradually moving the foot of the mast further aft. At the 2000 World Championships the idea of a single mast position was blown apart by making a lash-up 'C2' Stollery Swing Rig with a polythene rig bag for the mainsail on Geoff Smale's 'Kiwi Magic' that came with no smaller rigs. He had no problem using this second suit whereas those with 'Crazy Tube's and the same rig had real problems in tacking and accelerating after the tack. The mast position on Geoff's boat was a few inches further forward and demonstrated how important this was for making his boat tack well as the wind increases.
The great beauty of Swing Rigs offwind is their unrivalled power on a quartering run, increasing the speed to be gained on this course of sailing when there is marginal planing [and sometimes in very light airs!]. Then, on a dead run, it can pay to tack downwind and to gybe on the 'lifts', taking two broad reaching courses planing flat out. This adds fun and excitement and another dimension to running legs, just like that of picking the 'headers' going to windward, but much more dramatic!




Peter Stollerys 'Crazy Tube Too' on her way to winning the 2004 Race of Champions

For the offwind power of the Swing Rig to be utilised a powerful bow is required. The 'Crazy Tube Too' has a big volume, high freeboard bow, shaped like a bent tube above water, to help resist the powerful driving force and throw the water off when immersed. This seaworthy shape allows the use of just two full area rigs 'A' and 'C', keeping costs down and the rig changing decisions simple.”
both the strong and tall rig winds and is an exceptionally good all round boat