Deutsche Klassenvereinigung und Ausschuss RC-Segeln

Please find attached the final versions, as modified by ISAF, of the submissions made for changes to Appendix E.


Could you please study these and respond by 20th October with any comments you may have. If there are sufficient similar comments on any particular rule they will be passed on to the ISAF Racing Rules Working Party Chairman to bring up at the November USAF meeting.


It is currently proposed that the submission for E6. (b) (2) will be changed to “Event organisers may require that ……………”. Further consideration of this change has raised potential logistical issues should say 5 boats from 5 different countries turn up for an event with native sail numbers of 180. In retrospect it is better to have this requirement on a ‘if needed” basis.


Apart from the grammatical changes, the main thrust of these submissions was to have rules that reflect current practice and the principles of single handed sailing as a default position.


There is nothing to stop event organisers from modifying these rules by way of Sailing Instructions.


ISAF_Appendix_E_Submissions_2010.pdf RRS2013-2016_-_Proposed_Appendix_E_-_Clean.pdf RRS2013-2016_-_Proposed_Appendix_E_with_changes.pdf


IRSA Racing Rules Committee