Putting it all together and the weight

After all the moulding and sanding and filling it was time to make a boat out of all the parts. Not too many pictures from putting it all together i'm afraid. Very busy making the deadline and working some nights made me forget the camera for a while.

To get the deck fitted on the the hull i cut it to fit inside the flange and moulded it in place with strips of carbon fiber on the underside.  The fit wasn't perfect but i used my "black-filler" to make up for that. It's Plastic padding mixed with color pigments and a drop or two of acetone to make it easier to mix.

I used that black filler on quite a few places. The whole project was accelerated a bit in the last two weeks because of the upcoming Swedish National championships. So i didn't have time to make everything as perfect as a wanted.

104_finbox_first 108_rear_insideThis is the finbox and the deck from inside the boat. The red stuff on top of the masthole is epoxy and filleting blend not mixed with black color pigments.

The "cross" on the forward part of the deck beam is made from part of the old beam that was used to make the rudderservo mountings. 

The bow is made from balsa wood and glued in place with the black "epoxyblend" mentioned in earlier parts. I made it from quite a thick balsa wood piece so that i could cut of a piece if the boat was a tad too long (wich it was..)

110_hull_finbox_inside 112_hull_deck<-- Here is the middle part of the deck with mast recess and radio pot recess. The srew top pot for the radio is from Sails Etc and cost you only 1 pound and weighs only 23 grams.

Nice and shiny just before float testing in the pool.
This nice finish is now replaced with a sanded finish to get a
smooth and faster finish


115_hull_shinyAnd here it floats for the first time. Right on the marks. As you can se on the weight table below it weighs just as Graham wants it to (i put in extra weights here to make it weigh as much as it would with all equipment).


Now i can sum up what the total weight will be. 
The drawing says it should weigh 5200 grams with a ballast of 3700 grams. I got there with fin and ballast of 4000 grams. After sailing the boat i think i will take away 150-200 grams from the ballast. We are sailing in predominantly light weather so good speed in light winds is essential. And my experience from seeing other boats made lighter, i will not loose to much in higher wind speeds. 


Part Weight in grams
Hull+deck+fittings 540
Rudder 30
Rudder servo 40
Winch 140
Battery pack 80
Radio screw pot 25
Reciever+antenna 30
A-rig 320
Fin and ballast 4000
Total 5205